Product Design

Product design runs the gamut from blue sky invention to nitty-gritty requirements for rigid systems. I’ve been the spark that has created something out of nothing & I’ve been the watchmaker replacing a cog in a precision machine (metaphor alert!). I love every aspect of product design & can support you across the entire life cycle from ideation to specs to implementation to enhancements.

Primo Messaging App

The Product Design Process

Starts with Understanding:

Our first step is a conversation where we discuss your business, product needs, budget & technical capacities. What are your goals? What is available to achieve them? Are we a good fit to work together? That’s all best understood through a free consultation.

Continues with a Proposal:

This is an iterative approach where we’ll present a draft proposal of potential solutions & determine the depth of Blockstar’s engagement. Once agreed on a direction & our level of involvement, we’ll present a final proposal with an included statement of work.

Creation Time:

Let’s start creating! The first step is coming up with a high-level product design that meets your goals & has a high confidence of success. We’ll present options to your organization for feedback & refinement. Once we’ve found a winning formula, we can turn from ideation to architecture.

The Blueprint – Documentation:

With a direction in place, we’ll get to work producing design documentation that turns the idea into reality. Based on the statement of work, these docs will range from a high-level product strategy guide to a refined set of product requirements that your technical team can base their implementation on.

Ongoing Support:

We are able to assist throughout the development cycle, serving as subject matter experts to clarify questions from the engineering team or to amend requirements based on the build process. We can also act as your UAT lead (user acceptance testing) to make sure that the build meets product requirements. After launch, we can evolve the product based on user feedback & start an enhancement roadmap for you.

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  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)
  • Retail POS System
  • Messaging App (iOS/Android/Web)
  • Personal Finance: Prepaid Debit Cards, Remittance & Top Up
  • Phone Plans: International & Conference Calling
  • Data Warehouses
  • Customer Management Systems (CMS)
  • Website Building Software
  • Websites: Acquisition, Informational, Support & Account Management
  • Back Ends: Billing, Provisioning, Account Management & Data Analytics
  • Retail Merchandise: Posters, Brochures, T-Shirts, etc..
  • Everything Else I’ve Forgotten