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20 years experience creating consumer products & brands here. I’m best known as co-founder of Mint Mobile & Ultra Mobile where I ran product & marketing. There, I helped turn my founding idea into the fastest growing company in America (#1 Inc. 5000 in 2015). I’m now consulting & sharing the product ideas that pop in my head.

The Product Idea Blog:

Where we write about things we probably won’t build…

  • Enter the DAOgorithm! – Democratizing those damn algorithms
    TL;DR – A DAOgorithm is an algorithm managed by a DAO. It's a powerful hybrid tool that allows an organization to place key parts of their operations into a community managed structure without having to move the business itself on chain. Stop me if you've heard this one before… A startup creates a wonderful piece of tech. A community forms around it, evangelizes it & pushes it into the mainstream. The startup experiences growing pains & … Read more
  • Decentralize Delivery – Take the Rent Seekers Out of Takeout
    I'm stuck at home. You're probably too. While we are stuck at home, we've been relying on connections to the outside world more so than usual. The internet, video conferencing & delivery all come to mind. I've been thinking a bit about delivery and want to share an idea about takeout & the restaurant industry. My friends in the hospitality industry are getting hammered. They've had to shut locations, layoff staff & are working on half … Read more
  • ThunderDome – A product idea combining DeFi, tontines & pro football
    Summary – Run a pro football survivor pool on Ethereum. Place the entry pool into the MakerDAO or a similar interest bearing DApp for the duration of contest. At the end, release the principal to the winner(s), keep the earned interest. Inspired by PoolTogether, we invent & model out a consumer product using the MakerDAO DSR as our primary revenue source. Does an interest bearing DApp provide enough revenue to power a decentralized survivor pool? If … Read more